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Dog Training

Your Dog Can be Trained Too!

Dog Training Marietta GA by Keith White  770.597.1498

Dog Training Marietta GA at Marietta Doggy Daycare believes in positive reinforcement dog training, motivational techniques.  That’s why we have Keith White, a training specialist come to Marietta Doggy Daycare for those who want dog training.  Keith has is considered the “Dog Whisperer” of Cobb County, and if you have ever seen him in action, you will know why.  He’s got that extra keen sense on everything dog.  

Keith’s program will be tailored to fit your dog’s needs.  Although, it is a separate business from Marietta Doggy Daycare, the dog training is held in the facility where training is performed multiple times a day on basic obedience commands.  

At the completion of the program, your pet will be a better family member.

Not to fear, most pets love the training, as Keith’s methods are based on motivational techniques, including positive reinforcement.

Keith believes in puppy socialization class, and this happens naturally when your dog is in Doggy Daycare at Marietta Doggy Daycare.  Your pet will be exposed to the new smells, sights and sounds of other people and pups.  The goal of this type of interaction is to promote social skills at the puppy age, when they are more accepting and less set in their ways.

Following puppy socialization, the next level of training involves Keith teaching your pet to respond to basic commands; the classic sit, stay, and come.  These behaviors will be promoted through positive reinforcement.   When your pet graduates from training, they will be better. Your dog is our main concern.

Call Keith White personally for training and the fees charged. 


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